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Uncle Drew 2018

LilRel Howery, tired of his lifetime entry into the Baller Street Ball market in Harlem, was facing a series of unfortunate failures, including the loss of his team and his long-standing opponent Nick Koll. Failure to win the race with moneyNagroda, Dax is argued about man, story, narrative Give All-Star Kyrie Irving and persuade him to go back to the field. Two men went on the road to complete the Dreswe basketball team (ShaquilleOnnel, Chris Weber,Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson and Lisa Leslie) and prove that septuguars can still win a great deal.

After eliminating the life savings involved in Harlem’s football club, Dax (Lil’s Red Hauery) was confronted with a series of unfortunate failures, including losses …

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Charles Stone III After iscrpuvajkji save his life to get a team in the ballball competition Grabie Classic HarlemDax (Lil RellHauer) faces several obstacles that have failed, including losing his long-term opponent (Nick Kroll). Failure to win the race and the award of money, Dax is composed of man, story, story of the CRAZY TREE (NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving) and persuading him to return to the field. Two men left to finish the Drew Team Basketball (Shaquille O’Neill, Chris Weber, Reggie Miller, Nate Robinson and Lisa Leslie) showed that a group of twelve could winbigger. After five years of success as a favorite digital series, a favorite fan, originally developed by Pepsi, UNCLE DREW teatrów29 is scheduled for June 2018. UNCLE DREW is a maintenance release at the Hill Hall of Fame Temple in collaboration with PepsiCo’s Studios Creators League .

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