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Our vision

Acazia Software will actively participate in creating a positive future for out clients. To be a trusly partner, not just a provider and unblock business potenial through technology and our experts. Think Offshore. Think Acazia !

We will fulfil our obligation of building a better, stronger company for future generations, growing the Acazia brand, developing our people, helping improve communities and meeting our commitment to stakeholders.

Our ambition is to build a technology company that positively affects people’s lives.

Our approach

We don’t just build it for you. We build it with you.

When it comes to our clients, consider ourselves an extension of your team, aligning ourselves with your business mission, values, culture and processes. Transparency and communication are key to the success of long-term, productive partnerships - so we always build trusting relationships where questions and issues are addressed openly and directly.

Our history

Agile then and more so now

Acazia Software's vision to create a company driven to provide an exceptional, unrivalled level of service means we set out to hire the best brightest minds in the industry.

We opened our first development center in Hanoi and have grown organically to become the large technology solutions company in Vietnam.

Our team

Behind every great work is a great team

Autonomy & collaboration

Being a small team we need every team member to act like a leader in their area. We push each of us to stay proactive and drive projects forward. While working independently each of us collaborates and supports other. Hard work focused on results.


No matter how many projects we have delivered, we always have so many thing to learn, so it's important to remember it and keep your egos small. We keep ourselves opened to critique, positive and optimistic.


We expect personal and professional growth from each of us. From learning a new tool or talking bigger responsibilities, we help and provide support for stretching ourselves and leaving our combat zone.

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