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Acazia Software is a software development company that designs, develops, and maintains solutions that can make an impact through the best technologies.

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Our values

Our Values ​​Our core value has always been one of win-win development. We enhance our clients' business thro ugh leveraging the most relevant technologies and through providing solutions that drive results and valuable experiences.


Driven by the passion, our software developers deliver enormous volumes of code yet ensuring these outputs are of the highest quality and on schedule.

Reasonable Pricing

We neither overestimate nor underestimate our capabilities and experience. Our customers always get quality-proven and battle-tested software development services valued for the money they invested.


We use not only cutting-edge technologies but also ones most suitable to ensure the quality of the bestin-class solutions for our customers.

No Bureaucracy

Our compact and well-balanced team applies best efforts to eradicate bureaucracy on the ground so that we can concentrate all of our attention on efficient and productive customer-oriented solutions.

Our team

Tan Le

Founder / CEO

Trang Vu

Back Office Manager

Hue Tong

Account Manager

Nhan Bui

Hiring Manager

Behind every good app we make is a great team

Autonomy & collaboration

Being a small team we need every team member to act like a leader in their area. We push each of us to stay proactive and drive projects forward. While working independently each of us collaborates and supports other. Hard work focused on results.


No matter how many projects we have delivered, we always have so many thing to learn, so it's important to remember it and keep your egos small. We keep ourselves opened to critique, positive and optimistic.


We expect personal and professional growth from each of us. From learning a new tool or talking bigger responsibilities, we help and provide support for stretching ourselves and leaving our combat zone.

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